The Planet Fun Power Hour

Introducing the grand daddy of all Power Hours. Mostly because there really isn’t any others on the internet…

Youtube limits non “director users” to well below 60, and a search of ‘Power Hour’ on DailyMotion results in a lot of early 1990’s WCW matches. So, yes, I think I’m ready to declare this as without a shadowofadoubt the greatest Power Hour of all time.

It’s an assembly of viral videos for sixty minutes. Or fifty nine minutes and thirty seven seconds to be exact. If you need an extra thirty seconds you can watch this video that got cut at the last second.

I did the best I could of picking videos that not EVERYONE in the world has seen while incorporating a handfull of classics. But to be fair, for all I know all these might be classics at this point. I’m 29 years old, I legally can’t watch Tosh.0 anymore.

You’ll figure the flow out quickly – Some videos aren’t a minute. Some videos will have multiple drinks in it. Some will be fifteen seconds. Deal with it. It’s not rocket science – if you see a number on the screen drink. Or not. Heck, it’s a bunch of really funny videos you can use to kill an hour.

I’ve got to give credit to Videogum. A fantastic site that I’ve frequented half a billion times over the past three years. I’d guess about 90% of these videos have been brought to my attention through the brilliant people there.

Jimmy Buffet has made a career off of being a terrible musician whose capitalized on the brilliant idea that drinking in a social setting is fun. So maybe I can net a free beer, and a few extra clicks out of this.

Editor’s note: I know XboxLive has a daily motion app, and I’d have to believe the Playstation Network does as well. So this is pretty easy to put on a television

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