In Defense Of Kim

For three long days, or approximately 4% of the length of time Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries were married, I’ve stood by idly watching the Kardashian hate-articles fly: The articles slamming Kim for a scham marriage, speaking ill of her for ‘faking a wedding’ for profit and publicity, and talking about how miserable of timing this is when you consider the hot button topics that this marriage flies in the face of (a 10 million dollar wedding in a recession, and a ‘scham wedding’ when gay marriage is being fought off by people claiming it goes against the ‘sanctity of marriage’).

Which is fine, and valid points if true. But I can’t help escape the feeling that these opinions are being written by the ill-informed.  In today’s world, we have increasingly gotten better at calling out ill-informed journalism. Villaifying the people who speak without really knowing the issues or the facts. Discrediting those who choose not to do their homework and speak freely based off of second-hand information.This applies to almost all fields; except the world of pop-culture.

Allow me to introduce a new perspective: The perspective of the (relatively) informed. A perspective of a 27 year old male who watched BOTH parts of “Kim’s Fairy Tale Wedding.” A riveting two hour program that ripped into the depths of the Kardashian-Humprhies ceremony. And I, like so many others walked away from the program thinking the same thing:

Kris Humprhies is the worst.

Just a terrible person. The bro of all bro’s. A walking ‘how not to act’ of a guy who says things like “People hate me at first” while failing to realize that there comes a point where people get tired of reminding a person that they resent them.

In a 2 hour, Kardashian produced program entitled ‘Kim’s Fairy Tale Wedding’ the editor’s of the show couldn’t find a single bit of material that made the groom look like a redeemable person. In search of a prince, through what I’m sure is literally days of recording, there wasn’t a single bit of tape that made Kris Humprhies look like anything besides a complete back of dicks. The closest he came was when he decided to grow a mustache for the Wedding rehearsal because that was “all he had left” (this, I believe, came after Kim nix’d his idea for having fried dough stands at the wedding).

And if you want to turn to the Kardashian’s, I think “scham wedding” is probably giving them more credit than they deserve.

They had a lavish, televised wedding. What was to be expected? This is a family who – despite what is always said – is famous for something: And that’s the fact that millions of people tune in to watch a show based off their lavish lifestyle. Why would the wedding of the most famous member of their family be any different?

If I were to have my guess on what happened, here’s how things played out: Kim, whose always seemed to be in love with the idea of being in love (which is a nice way of saying that the over/under on her amount of divorces is 6.5) got a little taken away by both her sister’s wedding, as well as the Royal Wedding (Kim’s engagement was announced three weeks after the Brit’s wedding).

Planning and production got under wraps, and as Kim started to think about how terrible of a person Kris Humprhies is, she was reminded by the fact that 18 million dollars was invested into this wedding and convinced that once things ‘settled down’ she could right all the wrongs.

And for shame: All those hard earned advertisement dollars out of Diet Coke, Tide, Febreeze, and other ma & pa products (that are clearly intended for women) flushed down the toilet . Because surely if they weren’t going to invest in advertisement dollars for the Kardashian Wedding they would’ve all chipped together, bought a hot air balloon and rained cash over the nation’s most poverty-stricken areas.

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