Planet Fun Inaugural Draft: Celebrity Sex Scandal Draft part 2

The Planet Fun continues it’s first ever Fantasy Draft: Celebrities most likely to be involved in a sex scandal.

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Click below for the exciting Rounds 2-4 action.

To Recount, here are our team as of this moment.

Reverse Peep Holes – Megan Fox, Dr. Oz
Orlando Breakers – Lindsay Lohan, Ocotomom
Veronica’s Closet – Michaela Salahi, Pippa Middleton
Balls Deep – Shannon Elizabeth, Miley Cyrus
R. Kelly’s Urinal– Selena Gomez, Snooki
“Hacked” IPhones – Hedi Montag, Rihanna


Round 3

1. Reverse Peepholes: John Lackey

Current Roster: Megan Fox, Dr. Oz, John Lackey

Daryl Hall: Because of his divorce, millions of dollars, and terrible play on the field.


2. Orlando Breakers: Michelle Obama 

Current Roster: Lindsay Lohan, Octomom, Michelle Obama

Coach Hayden Fox: because that would be pretty crazy, right?


3. Veronica’s Closet: Jose Canseco 

Current Roster: Michaela Salahi, Pippa Middleton, Jose Canseco

MattDotRich: Twitter meltdown everyday, recently evicted, broke up with former playboy playmate. 


4. Balls Deep: Kourtney Kardashian 

Current Roster: Shannon Elizabeth, Miley Cyrus, Kourtney Kardashian

Rick Sacamano: The forgotten Kardashian.  She has a sister who had a sex tape ‘ruin’ her life and in the process propel her into main stream media (household name).  She is tired of being the forgotten sister and will want to flash those fake titties from either her Cell Phone photos or from rocky boyfriend Scott Disick who has been known to hate on father Bruce Jenner.  If those two finally split up, then let the photos and videos flow!


5. R. Kelly’s Urinal: Demi Lovato 

Current Roster: Selena Gomez, Snooki, Demi Lovato

MV: Demi lovato will never be as famous as her bff selena gomez unless she has a celeb sex scandal.  Sure, she has skyscraper but what else? She already has tried to kill herself an has a minor addiction problem. She’s the next Lilo. Konichiwa bitches!’


6. Hacked I Phones: Nicki Minaj 

Current Roster: Hedi Montag, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj

Bob Sacamano: This chick has definitely made a sex tape.  I have a gut feeling.  We just haven’t seen it yet.  We will and I’ll rake in the big points.  Honestly, look at this chick and think about it.  She has definitely made some homemade porn.


Round 3 Review:

Reverse Peephole: John Lackey

Orlando Breakers: Michelle Obama

Veronica’s Closet: Jose Canseco

Balls Deep: Kourtney Kardashian

R. Kelly’s Urinal: Demi LoVato

Hacked I Phones: Nicki Minaj


Round 4:

1. Hacked I Phones: Jenni “J-Wow” Farley 

Current Roster: Heidi Montag, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, J-WOW

Bob Sacamano: Did you see MV’s selection of why he picked Snooki?  Please copy and paste most of that in to this selection.  Also, her significant other Roger looks like the type of guy that would secretly film them banging and release it when something happens.  Honestly, another game changer.


2. R. Kelly’s Urinal: Kate Gosselin 

Current Roster: Selena Gomez, Snooki, Demi Lovato, Kate Gosselin

MV: This could be a potential sleeper.  How will she have the time?  I don’t know, but she’s giant fame whore.  A sex tape would propel her back onto the cover of People, US Weekly, and TMZ. She has already been accused of sleeping with her bodyguard while John banged 22 year olds.  This is a big reach, but could pay off big.  


3. Balls Deep: Taylor Momsen 

Current Roster: Shannon Elizabeth, Miley Cyrus, Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Momsen

Rick Sacamano: I just feel like every girl on Gossip Girl is a fame seeking whore.  Also, this chick is trying her hand in an actual band and we all know what can happen on the road.  People are going to realize that she can’t sing, and forget about her, like we all forgot she played the little brat in ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  Some groupy is going to get a fetish by saying he banged one of the ‘Whos’ and release a video, at least some photos.


4. Veronica’s Closet: Courtney Stodden 

Current Roster: Michaela Salahi, Pippa Middleton, Jose Canseco, Courtney Stodden

MattDotRich: Because she is a terrible, terrible person.


5. Orlando Breakers – Lady Gaga Portrait of a young, pale-skinned Caucasian female with blond hair

Current Roster: Lindsay Lohan, Octomom, Michelle Obama

Coach Hayden Fox: Because I could see her releasing some really weird sex tape that involves really weird costumes and attempts to deconstruct fame or 21st-century sexuality or something like that.


6. Reverse Peephole: Michelle Beadle 

Current Roster: Megan Fox, Dr. Oz, John Lackey, Michelle Beadle

Daryl Hall: because she lives in Hartford, CT and is an avid dog lover.


Round 4 Review:

Hacked I Phones: J Wow

R. Kelly’s Urinal: Kate Gosselin

Balls Deep: Taylor Momsen

Veronica’s Closet: Courtney Stodden

Orlando Breakers: Lady Gaga

Reverse Peephole: Michelle Beadle


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