Planet Fun Fantasy Drafts

Beginning on September 29th, the Planet Fun will add a new weekly feature called ‘Fantasy Drafts.’ It’ll function like a normal draft with a variety of owners, but the subject will be a little abnormal, and most likely un-sports related. So while you won’t often see us drafting the Best Quarterbacks of all time, you probably could expect to see us draft Best TV shows that featured a set of twins.

First Up: Most Likely to Be Involved in a Sex Scandal

Rules by Bob Sacamano

First Up: Most Likely to Be Involved in a Sex Scandal

Rules by Bob Sacamano

If there are two things that I (and most men including MattDotRich) love its Fantasy Sports Drafts and gambling.  We also like when actresses like Scarlett Johansson take naked photos of themselves on their iPhones and the phones subsequently get hacked releasing the glorious, glorious photos for the whole world to see.  When the guys pull their dongs out, not so much.  In a world where fantasy sports have become a $4 billion yearly business and celebrities are putting out sex tapes/naked photos on a seemingly weekly basis*, there was only one thing that we could do…combine the two. 


We present to you the first and foremost fantasy draft of its kind, The Celebrity Sex Scandal Fantasy Draft!  Here is how it works.  You and your group of friends draft celebrities and get points if/when they do some sort of sex tape, naked photos, or sex scandal.  Here is the point scoring so far, if you have more to add, let us know.  Of note, you do not get retro-active points.  Yes, we have all seen Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee in a sex tape.  If you chose Pamela Anderson, you do not get the points for that past work, but only what she will do in the future. 


Cell Phone Nude Photo Session – 5 Points

Cell Phone Nude Photo Session using a bathroom mirror – 10 points

Cell Phone Photos Showing Fellatio/Cunnilingus – 15 points

Cell Phone Photos showing Coitus – 25 points

Cell Phone Photo of celebrity half naked in Drag – 30 points


Paparazzi upskirt photo while getting out of a car photo -3 points

Bonus 3 points for no panties

Paparazzi vacation topless photos – 10 points

Paparazzi photos of you giving fellatio after becoming engaged – 20**


Sex Tape – 50 points

Bonus 5 points for it not being your current significant other

Bonus 15 points for homosexual sex

Bonus 25 points for it being deem illegal for underage participants


Rumors of sleeping with an intern – 3 points***

Admitting to having Sex with an Intern – 5 points

Admitting to having sex with an intern in the Oval Office – 15 points

Questioning the definition of “Is” in a national press conference regarding your sex with an intern in the Oval Office – 100 points


Having your significant other leave you regarding your sex scandal – 10 points

National Scandal involving you sleeping with over 15 women including waitresses from the Waffle House and ruining your seemingly picture perfect marriage – 35 points


Having an out of wedlock child – 10 points

Having a child but not revealing who the father is – 10 points

Having a child with the girl you are sleeping with on the side – 20 points

Having a child with your Honduran Maid and having the child live in your Governor’s Mansion with your wife and family – 30 points


Appearing on the Dr. Drew Headlines New TV Show to discuss your sex scandal – 10 points

Admitting some sort of sexual abuse in a Tell-All Book – 5 points


All points doubled for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar or All-Star/Major winning competitors. 



* Vanessa Hudgens, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Rob Lowe, Greg Oden, Santonio Holmes, etc.


** Looking at you Hillary Duff.  


*** (Cough) Letterman, Steve Phillips (Cough)


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