The Newly Added Quick Review Section

You may have noticed, though let’s be honest, you probably didn’t, I’ve added a section on the top of the page called ‘Quick Reviews.’ Truth be told, I kinda hate reading reviews. It’s not that I don’t think they’re a valuable service, they are, but I look at them like I look at Yelp! reviews: 90% fluff, 10% valuable information.

So the quick reviews section will be what I look for in a review – a one to two sentence summary of if something’s worth watching or listening to. It doesn’t mean that I’ll never write a full review again, if I think there’s a point to elaborate on (ie: my review of Watch the Throne), but more times than not you’ll get a one to two sentence quick review.

Here is an example:

Bridesmaids (7 out of 10): Funny enough, though it certainly doesn’t have the universal appeal that many led on. This is definitely a comedy intended for women, and most interactions between the two main characters serve as a strong reminder. You could do A LOT worse for a date-night movie, but don’t get tricked into thinking that’s not exactly what it is.

One final note – and I’ll spare you the beat to death amateur night comedian’s rant – but I’d like to remind you that a ‘5 out of 10’ is average. Perfectly between 10 and 1. Five is flip a coin, it might be worth watching/listening.

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