Girl Sneezing 39 Times In A Row Is A Fresh Reminder Why People Who Sneeze A Lot Are Obnoxious

I know a lot of people are going to watch this and laugh. “LOL! She can’t stop sneezing” But I want this video to become a PSA of sorts: Stop sneezing. You’re being obnoxious.

Listen, I know that sometimes one of the sparkles fly off your ‘Eagles’ sweatshirt and it causes a tickle and you gots to sneeze, but how many times do you have to sneeze before you decide it’s probably best to dismiss yourself to find a Kleenex? This girl sneezes THIRTY NINE times. THIRTY NINE! That’s literally 13 times past the acceptable amount. Once you hit three sneezes, it’s Kleenex time. That’s how society is supposed to work. Also, don’t fix your hair with the hands you just sneezed into thirty nine times. That’s what your Eagles sweatshirt sleeves are for!

And while I’m going all L.D on the subject, I’ve got a real problem with all the non-sneezers out there, most of you are females. Listen (LADIES!) sometimes you just gotta let those snots fly! The reason you’re almost sneezing dozens of times in a row – and really causing a scene – is because you’re trying to fight nature. Just let it go, I swear it’ll be like 1/50th less obnoxious then having to hear you try to hold it back for nine minutes. That way we can get back to focusing in on the article about Sex Slaves being found at a Karaoke Bar we were TRYING to read.

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