Facebook To Add Spotify

Via Stereogum

“In his keynote address at the f8 Developer Conference today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is teaming up with the music streaming service Spotify as one of its new features. The idea is that, with the two services working together, you can listen to songs at the same time as your friends and learn from their musical tastes”

YES! Great decision, Zuckerberg! Good use of servers and broadband!

Finally I can be like those weirdos on the T that share their headphones so they can share the same musical experience! When I see them I’m always thinking “Wow, not only does that look terribly comfortable, but I bet it’s a lot of fun and very interesting, just like that movie ‘Garden State!’ If only I could do this from the comfort of my own home over the information superhighway! Then I could be like ‘Hey Guys, just heard of this rapper named Jay Z and I think you might like it! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeck iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit*”

And then years down the line we’ll all talk about how weird it was when we used to have to listen to music separately at DIFFERENT TIMES and be like “Remember that?! Remember when we used to put on music and not awkwardly comment on it because we felt obligated to talk to each other through Facebook/Spotify? We’d just like, listen to an album in a car, or while sitting in your room, or even doing other stuff and then we’d have to call, email, text or instant message each other our opinions on new music? WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?!**”

So now that we got this service I’m pretty sure we all agree that it’s another job well done by M. Zucks. “Good Job, Zucks! This was just another great decision and your business will continue to boom! surely the site isn’t beginning it’s descent to oblivion!”


*Since we’re on Facebook we over use vowels a lot.

** This is said while using Facebook/Spotify which is surely still very relevant.

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