Mom Doesn’t Think Professional Break Dancing Is In the Cards for Son

Listen up guys,

You know I don’t like to side with authority. You know this! Most of the times when my mom says something it’s like “UGH! MOM WHY DON’T YOU GET ME?!” You guys know what I’m talking about, right? Right. Good.

But I kinda gotta side with the mom on this one. She’s kinda doing this kid a favor. I’ve seen “Step Up 2: The Streets” and this kid is not getting a text alerting him that the streets are on. He just doesn’t have it.

And she also accurately points out that, ya, he could keep working and trying to get better but he’s never going to catch up to the “little Asians.” That continent breeds break-dancing! Math, math, then breakdancing. That’s what that continent does. They’ve built their economy on it, and its working (for some countries)!

So why break your body Alex? Why not focus on something white people are good at? You’ve got a bright future at H&R Block! That could be fun, right? Maybe crunch those numbers to some hip hop while wearing sunglasses? You could be the world’s first hip-hop Taxologist

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