Foo Fighters Counter Protest Westboro Baptist Church

Oh great! The Westboro Baptist church is a terrible group of people that do really terrible things on account of the aforementioned personality flaws, and the Foo Fighters are, you know, a popular band these days. When they make appearances on shows the host always acts like its a big deal. Yay for awareness dudez!

Kidding aside, that’s a pretty cool thing to do. Even if it’s kinda/sorta promoting their upcoming tour by reusing characters they used for a previous promotion. 

One complaint though: How did they not go with their cover of Prince’s “Darlin’ Nikki”? I know Prince hates when people use his songs (lawfully, or unlawfully), and he also hates this whole internet fad, and probably most other things. But even Prince could probably applaud his music being used to protest the Westboro Church, right? He loves the color purple and all kinds of sex, and I’m fairly confident they don’t care for a lot of that.

“Anyways, job well done Foo Fighters”

-Kevin Smith while promoting that horror movie he made that I don’t want to link.

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