This Is Good Advice About Everything For Your Teenager

Hey Parents!

Gather your teens around, because this guy has A LOT of good points to make. Also, he’s VERY relatable to teens!
I remember when I was going through all of this with my first child* and I was like “Hey, Don’t do drugs and watch out for the sex stuff,” and my kid* was all like “DAD, I don’t want to talk about this stuff with YOU, I need something I could relate to!”
So long story short: I hired a guy with a beard, wearing a fishing hat, who was VERY skilled at playing the banjo and it turned my child’s* life around**!
So have the family circle around your Compaq Presario and prepare to learn about sex and drug education THE FUN WAY!
*My tamagotchi pet
** Until he died because I stopped virtually feeding him cuz I was wicked into Mighty Max

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