This Is A Heartbreaking Take on N Sync’s “This I Promise You”

WARNING: If you’ve never been through REAL heart break, you probably JUST WON’T GET THIS video. Like, you’ll want to, but you’ll only kinda get it. At best, you’ll get like 17%. And you’ll be like “Oh guys, I kinda get it.” And for all us who’ve REALLY been there, we’ll  all be like “UH, NO. YOU DON’T. YOU’RE MISSING 83% ACTUALLY”

And like, if you’re laughing at all, you don’t get it. YOU HAVEN’T BEEN THERE. You don’t know what it’s like to get dumped at a middle school dance, and just barely have enough money to afford a Sprite.

And if you’re laughing at what happens at 2:50 YOU REALLY DON’T GET IT, you ice queen/king. LOVE. IS. SERIOUS.

You haven’t walked a mile in my emotional shoes, friend.

Editor’s note: This video is honestly hilarious, but if you watch nothing else watch 2:50 and then 3:50 on.

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