Sorry, This Is Not A Good Wedding Invite

So, Let’s Talk About This Stop Motion Wedding Invite:

You: It’s kinda long and a little bit boring, even though I understand I’m supposed to think it’s cool!

Me: I Agree!

OK. Good Talk.

One other thing; traditionally Rachel’s (of Rachel and Corey’s Wedding fame) dad is footing the bill for this wedding, right?

Let’s put yourself into Mr. Rachel’s Dads shoes for a second:

How exactly do you feel about paying for your daughter to marry a guy who has enough time on his hands to make a 4 minute 15 second stop-motion wedding invite?

Like, couldn’t spend that time doing, ya know, money-making things? Buy a couplegeneric cards and envelopes , then bus a few tables? You know, make me feel like my daughter might be happily married for longer than a Black Eyed Peas song.

No? Back to re-making Jurassic Park?

Cool, see ya at the VFW in a few months!

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