Review of ‘Watch the Throne’

Yesterday marked the much anticipated release of ‘Watch the Throne.’Even after not really falling in love with ‘Otis’ (which actually isn’t on the album) and the previously released ‘H.A.M’ I couldn’t help but get excited about the release of a Kanye West & Jay Z album. It’s kinda like when your mother used to try to temper your expectations for Christmas: You’d tell her you get it, and that you’re 14 now and already have everything you’d need anyways, but deep down inside you’re thinking about how many dents you’re going to punch into your wall if you don’t get either a pair of Jnco’s or ‘Syphon Filter’ for the PS1.
My initial reaction to it was as if mom bought me a kite and a twenty dollar gift certificate to Aeropostale.
Yesterday I had a quick link inferring that Jay Z & Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne” ‘kinda sucked.’ Truthfully, it was a bit of sensationalism: I certainly embellished upon my thoughts in order to make “a funny.” My true, first opinion of the album was that it was disappointingly mediocre.
But upon further listens; ‘Watch the Throne’ is actually a very good album. But it probably does require a few listens. Mostly because it takes a little time to adjust.
This isn’t your typical Kanye West album: It doesn’t have 36 layers over 18 other layers, mixed with a string orchestra. There aren’t necessarily any standout songs, certainly nothing you’d hear regularly on Top40 radio. And when you’re listening to it, you don’t necessarily get that feeling that you’re listening to some grandiose, epic album.
What it is, is a top to bottom, quality CD that’s really enjoyable.
It’s actually kind of similar to ‘808’s and Heartbreaks,’ not musically but conceptually. It’s the kind of album you’re going to throw on and listen to. It’s meant to be listened to top to bottom, probably by yourself, in your car or with headphones on.
You won’t skip around, you won’t throw it on at a party, but you’ll probably enjoy the album a lot

Side Note: The one great thing about this album is the return of a more comedic Kanye West. The songs are a still a little ‘darker’, but he does have some great lines in there such as:
Prince William aint do it right, if ya ask me / Cause if I was him I woulda (slowed down Rick Ross style) Married Kate & Ashley.

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