Now That’s How You Run A Squirrel Obstacle Course

Forget everything you knew about Squirrel obstacle courses cuz this squirrel just up and changed the game. What style! What grace! I haven’t seen an athlete this transcendent since Bill Russell.
And is there a sport more deserving of a Michael Squirreldan type of athlete than the great sport of Squirrel Obstacle course?
A beautiful sport, which has been soiled by unappreciative athletes like Derek Squirrelman and World B. Squirrel , who care more about the drugs and squirrel tail, than they do about the game itself. Running an obstacle course the right way used to mean something, and now, with the help of “Air Squirreldan” it will again.
The dog days are over. The light at the end of the tunnel is all but here: We finally have the kind of squirrel you can sit down with your son and say “Son, that’s how a squirrel runs an obstacle course”

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