Normal Yelp Review

Boo Ya, Monday!

Here’s my yelp review for this resteraunt:

Sometimes finding yourself in new areas can be fun!

I recently moved to Colorado after graduating from NYU high honors. After a long discussion with my girlfriend, we both decided that based off of our career deams – I an aspiring jouranlist, she a nurse – that Denver would be the best fit for us because of the job availabilities and relatively cheap price of living (for a metropolitan area).

Now moving from Rochester, New York to Denver was no synch: Your packing your entire life, and somebody elses into one 2001 Toyota Corolla. It was tough to leave behind or sell some things that really meant a lot to me. Have you ever seen ‘Toy Story 3’? It sounds silly, but I felt a lot of that kind of emotions parting ways w/ “non-essentials” (and I’m getting choked up using that term) .

With the car packed, we headed off four our new life. 5 days later, and only one trip to the mechanic (God bless that Corolla) we arrived to Denver at about 3 a.m in the morning. Rather than go to bed, we decided to walk around our new habitat for a little.

We walked around for what felt like forever without find anything until we found this resteraunt which was kind of hidden away.

The food was great and everything was pretty reasonably priced.

Oh ya, the waiter is a monkey wearing a human mask.

I’d give it 4 stars, 5 if they had more seating. 

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