Look At These Two Thieves

Celebrate Friday with this kid on the left stealing all my signature moves:

Listen, I don’t know where this kid saw me dance, but it’s pretty clear he did  Finger-Guns with my legs spread shoulder apart has been my Ace for about 10 years now. Perfect for any situation: “Congratulations on getting married, check out finger guns” or “Happy 80th birhtday Granma, check out finger guns.”

So you say to yourself, OK, I guess someone else could come up with finger-guns by themselves. It’s a HUGE universe, ya know? But then my man is going to bust out ‘Aggressive Tooth Brush’ at 1:52 and pretend like he invented the game?! C’mon dude, that’s my closer. The one that makes sure the ladies coming home with ME tonight.

So ya, I’ve put in a copyright law suit and hope these kids get deported to that town inFootloose.

Source: Videogum

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