Little Boy Tries To Solve Man’s Greatest Problem

Good mor-ning

Finally a morning video I can relate to! Normally it’s just freaks, or kids dancing, stupid Fairy stories, etc and I’ve got to comment on it even though I don’t really understand living that way.

But not this video, because I GET IT! I love to sleep! Definitely one of my top 5 favorite things to do. BUT I also like to eat ice cream, and that’s a def fave five of mine, too!

So I totally get the conflict here: I’d say this is a struggle I have everyday. Do I want to eat ice cream or do I want to sleep? SO STRESSFUL, you guys.

But then this visionary comes along and tries to reinvent the game. “What if I told you you could BOTH” – kid who is eating ice cream while napping. “What if you took two of the best three things* in the entire world and turned it into one, incredible experience that’ll change the way we operate as a society? I call it napping & eating ice cream.”


*Watching ‘Oliver and Company’

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