For This Chick, Forever Ago

So, this chick is pretty clearly into me. That’s for sure. Why else would she post this video to youtube, ya know? So ANYBODY who likes cute chicks singing songs while playing the cups could watch?! For sure not.

Now all I gotta do is learn to play cups so I can send this song below to her. She’ll appreciate the irony of the song choice, right?

Then boom! Love at first sight! Cuz I’ll let you guys in on a little secret (Ladies – eye mitts, please): Chicks love it when you do weird activities together!

Last night I was watching either Teen Mom or 16 & Pregnant (whichever comes on before Rivals) and this chick broke up with this awesome guy who was into awesome stuff like wearing sleeveless t’s and jeans for a significantly less awesome fat dude (who wore sleeves) JUST BECAUSE THEY SHARED A WEIRD COMMON INTEREST (in this case: raising a child).

And then we’ll get married, and have a family, and it’ll be pretty much exactly like the Partridge Family but w/ cups, and no gingers.

And then we’ll grow old together, and one day she’ll develop some kind of disease that won’t let her remember things, eventually deteriating when she won’t be able to remember me!

Mad sad, right? BUT WAIT FOR IT: I’ll read her stories out of our scrap book, and then one day she’ll be like ‘You’re my husband. You’re the cup guy.’ And then she’ll be like “Let’s play our song on the cup together… one. last. time” And we will, and it’ll be beautiful.

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