Bro Tip: How To Get Your Girl Back

Editor’s Note: Borderline NSFW

Sorry Ladies, but I need to talk to just the dudes right now about some serious Guy-Code stuff. Here’s a video of your best friends lip synching to a Josie & The Pussycatssong you can watch while you wait for this to round up.

Yo guys, breaking up is hard. NO DUH, right? There’s the crying, the not being able to sleep, the not being able to eat, the basically not being able to do anything but think about the cold feeling of rejection part. Just not a lot of fun stuff, am I right?

But we all know the toughest part, right? The time you spend thinking of ways to try to get you guys back together. Just hours spent trying to perfectly formulate something to show your women how much she means to you. Why you need to be together, and why you now understand why eating at Bugaboo Creek doesn’t qualify as a ‘nice night out.’

Well luckily for us, Alex Smith just pretty much laid out the blueprint to getting your lady back. Like, if those two aren’t back together I’d be legitimately shocked. Here’s the only way I’d understand if they weren’t:

“How could you not take him back after he made that beautiful video of you?” – Megan’s friend

“I think he might be TOO perfect for me. That was a very thoughtful, and completely not invasive video he made for me. I’d say my favorite parts were the zooms at the end and when he complimented my outfits. And it made me think: Maybe I’m not woman enough for him.” – Megan

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