A Very Meh Version of The Most Important Song of All Time

(editor’s note: Starts at 1:50)

In my opinion, this is not enough people singing ‘Africa.’ I mean, if you’re going to attempt to replicate the singing talents of Toto you gotta bring like 9-10 thousand people. And to be honest, I’m just kinda spitballin’ here. If we sat down and started looking at the logistics we’re probably looking closer to 50 or a hundred.

I will say this though: I really appreciate their sincere take on this very important song. No dicking around here. Like, if you’re singing about a subject that’s as serious as whatever ‘Africa’ is about, you just can’t joke. TOO SERIOUS FOR ZINGS! Just handle this diddy with care and let the powerful meaning behind the song ring out.

Still, if this was ‘The Voice’ Adam Levine would probably say something really nice about it, but in that tone that makes you think maybe he’s not totally being 100% genuine. Because, surely you can’t like ALL the songs equally, ya know, Adam Levine? Some of them just aren’t as good as the others.

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