A Very Chuck Klosterman-y Question About the Zombie Apocalypse

OK, let’s see if I can do my best Klosterman here:

Let’s say that you’re enduring the Zombie Apocalypse.

Your hometown has been destroyed, and sadly, your family went with it. After months the novelty of being able to use any material object you could think of has worn off, and extreme loneliness begins to sink in.

You begin to search for other forms of human life. It’s tiring, and it’s extremely dangerous to be traveling through the Zombie-Infested country by yourself, but you feel the need to do this because you’re gradually becoming more and more depressed. 

Months pass, and you are relieved to have finally find a small group of survivors.

After roughly a week, it becomes obvious that you absolutely detest these people. While they are great at all things Zombie-Survival related, they’re terrible when it comes to everything else you value: Music, Movies, Books, Sports, etc. 

While they increase your chance of survival, and you could always argue that eventually you could find some common ground, it is painfully obvious that they are quite literally the opposite of you in every way. 

QUESTION: Do you stay with them, or do you run away; risking increased danger and never seeing another human soul again?

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